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 A robust holistic case management system focused on connecting members from under served communities to resources like health care, employment support, childcare, food resources and mental health supportive services in their localities. We believe equality is a basic human right, therefore our team of experts fill in gaps and address barriers faced by the everyday person. We teach resilience by empowering our community members with basic resources.


Consult with us about your personalized community assessment and get connected to community resources today!


A robust Case management approach for community members.

If providing the appropriate care for under served, less informed or disabled members of our community were truly up to you, it would involve you being hands-on with it full-time. While selflessness in such instances counts, you would also have to ponder long-term sustainability.

At the end of the day, you'd probably still be asking yourself one other thing: "Do I have the patience and the skills to pull this off?' Proficiency is crucial to the process, so most likely, the answer would be no, let us handle the full coordination from day one to one hundred. We coordinate holistic personalized care.

Worry not, however. There are professionals highly trained to provide the all necessary care by bridging  those gaps that modifies the quality of care.

Find the Assistance You Seek

Let us know about all your personal, health and socio-economic needs. At Lincoln Health Services LLC, you will be working together with a diverse group of highly trained professional case managers always eager to listen to your concerns and recommend an effective plan of coordination. 

One-Stop-Shop Advantages

Receive the services and recommendable options necessary to ensure the well-being of community members requiring special care. We prioritize diversity, equality and individual growth that contributes to a flourishing community.

About Us 

Lincoln Health Services LLC is a private community based case management group located in Woodbridge, Virginia. We support under served communities by bridging gaps with available resources.

Founded in January of 2019, our company is led by an experienced Registered Nurse Case manager who brings more than 13 years of professional experience to the organization. She combines this with her team of more than 21 years of industry experience.

Our Mission

Lincoln Health Service is committed to upholding the integrity of our “Holistic” model. We address every aspect of a healing, uplifting, connecting, integrating, empowering and establishing healthy robust communities.

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